The philosophy behind a successful horse racing Nap of the Day

When it comes to proving your worth in picking bets that are capable of winning, nothing comes close to the horse racing NAP of the Day. It might not be perceived as the most obvious method of betting on your favourite race meeting, but it certainly means a lot to horse racing tipsters and frequent punters, as it’s the go-to way of showing how good you are in choosing a horse tip that’s worth getting behind.

You might not have any experience in betting on the sport of horse racing – and the whole process can seem quite daunting on the surface – but if there’s any horse racing tips that you might consider placing your own money on, it’ll be a NAP of the Day.

What exactly is a NAP?

It’s not the easiest thing to explain, with it primarily being down to just how simple a NAP of the Day is. From any bet you might choose to make, a NAP is a horse that is acknowledged as being the most likely to win from every horse set to run over the current day. It doesn’t matter if the odds are horrendously low or if it seems like everyone is already aware that the horse, you’re backing is pretty much guaranteed to win. The point of a NAP is to back a winning horse, not to come up with anything profitable or particularly unforeseen.

Despite it playing such a crucial part of horse racing betting, not all tipster websites provide their own NAP. This is somewhat foolish, as a NAP of The Day is something that’s supposed to be offered out every single day in order to show consistency and a strong track record for winning bets. It’s something that The Winners Enclosure freely do, and all other horse racing betting websites should opt to do the same or face potential criticism from their followers.

What do good NAPs look like?

There isn’t a way of calling a NAP out from a crowd without the necessary research into the form of the horse you’re looking to back. Unlike other markets like Lucky 15s and Trixies, the NAP isn’t designed to be risky, instead being the total opposite to show how good you are at winning bets on horse racing. You need to bear this in mind if you choose to come up with your own, as it’s easy to get carried away and go for a far more appetising selection which comes with a much more substantial bookmaker price.