List of Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Pay Per Head sportsbook are services that agents opt for in order to ease the management of bookkeeping and being able to provide a standard of service as well as various perks to their customers for a reasonable amount of money. Today there are tons of these services available in the market giving tough competition to each other in terms of price and features, this is a good thing for the agents as they benefit out of this healthy competition. But if you look at the other side it becomes difficult for one to settle on and call service the Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook from the others. To help out agents and people who are looking to step into the world of sports betting we have compiled a list of some of the best Pay Per Head sportsbook that is available today.

There are certain things that one should look for before settling on a decision, we’ve mentioned some of these points based on which the list has been filed.These are the crucial features that a software should have in order to maximize client retention and ease of management for the agent.

  • Diversity: Be it in the variety of sports or the types of bets or the diverse betting market support, a betting platform needs to be as diverse as possible to keep people from all walks of life engaged. There are some who prefer basketball over golf or hockey and vice-a-versa to retain the diversity is not easy and platforms that offer diversity are some of the most loved from the lot.
  • Live feeds and multi-currency support: it is important to be able to deliver real-time updates to both the agents and the bettors while also being able to entertain bettor from around the world.
  • A user-friendly interface and real-time settlements encourage bettors to place more bets on the platform.
  • Multi-lingual support: this is necessary as there will be bettors from all around the world who will be needing support for a variety of things.

The list of the best Pay Per Head Sportsbook follows:

  1. Real bookies
  2. Bookies dream
  3. Pay Per Head
  4. Bookie soft
  5. BettorsNet
  6. 9 dollars per head
  7. Ace per head
  8. Dollars per head
  9. Bet eagle
  10. 24-7 bookie

The abovementioned list is in no particular ranking or order.